CAMP Savuti




Camp Savuti epitomises the Botswana safari experience. From the abundant game viewing to the authentic, tented accommodation; this is the traditional way to spend time in one of Africa's most superb wildlife regions.

The Savuti is a region within the heart of the Chobe National Park, secretly located away from the peak season crowds at the Chobe riverfront. This remote homeground of Camp Savuti is located on the banks of the Savuti Channel and close to the famous Savuti Marsh.


The Savuti Channel is one of the best regions in Africa to see the rare and endangered African wild dog. These canines live and hunt in packs, and collectively, they are some of the most well-coordinated hunters in the wild.

The abundance of Lions in the Savuti Channel has inspired many filmmakers to observe and follow the adventures of the renowned big cats for over twenty years. It is said that the big cats of the Savuti channel would form large prides, and worked together to take down elephants as prey. While this behaviour is not seen often any more, there is no telling what could happen in the wild.


Travelling to the camp includes a light air transfer from Maun (or Kasane) to the Savuti airstrip in the Chobe National Park. The approximately 40 minute flight offers a view of the beautiful Chobe river which marks the beginning of our safari experience.

Upon arrival at Savuti airstrip, guests will be met by a representative from Camp Savuti and then enjoy a 40 minute drive to the camp. This ride takes guests through the Chobe National Park and can be an exciting experience when they spot a number of animals before arriving at the camp.


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Enjoy our elevated luxury tents each with a private deck where you can watch animals browse the area from the comfort of your lodging. Enjoy the pleasure of the outdoor showers where you will be right under the brightly glistening stars. Each tent is equipped with air-conditioners to make your stay with us comfortable.



The Tents

Wake up to all the sounds that true wilderness has to offer. Enjoy your first cup of the and enjoy the view from the veranda of your luxury tent. Let the moment soothe you and make you ready for the coming experiences of the Savuti area.




Live your wildlife experience and at the same time enjoy all the commodities you could ever need. Comfortable beds, aircondition, in- and outdoor showers.

We provide everything you need to perfect your experience of the african wild bush!




The Main Area

After a day of exciting experiences in the Savuti area you will enjoy the relaxed atmosphere at our bar. It's in our lounge where you will hear people share stories from both past and present safaris. Our lounging area offer comfortable couches where you may join others as they share and show-off pictures from the day's adventures.


The Outdoor Deck

Want to experience eating under a starlit African sky? Then this is for you! Experience the magic and serenity of tuning in to all the sounds of the bush as the animals and other creatures of the wild prepare to sleep, hunt or avoid being prey. It is here that you will hear the crickets night song, and enjoy the aroma of oil lamps as you await the delicacies of the kitchen. Don't be surprised if you see elephants pass on by during the evening. This is an African experience at it's best!



Let our kitchen spoil your taste buds with their amazing dishes. Be amazed by our local cuisine as well as traditional safari dishes which have remained popular through the decades. But it's not just the food; it's about the atmosphere of eating together as a group at the long table, or a small intimate meal for two; it's about sharing the magic that you can only experience in the middle of the African bush.
Our lunches, as well as our three course dinner will add that extra flavour to your experience of the wild and untouched Savuti area.


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Come for the game drives at Camp Savuti. We offer a morning drive and an afternoon drive. Here you will experience the vast wildlife Savuti has to offer. Accompanying you will be our experienced drivers and guides who generously pass on their knowledge and broad experiences from the bush of this area in the traditional animated oral way of Africa. By the end of the day you will feel acquainted with the larger animals as well as the beautiful and colourful birds inhabiting the area.