We Are SKL Group of Camps

Dive into an extraordinary encounter where the unspoiled wilderness of Botswana meets a unique blend of adventure and luxury.

We are SKL Group of Camps, your premier destination for a fusion of exhilarating escapades and serene indulgence. Here, amidst the vast and vibrant landscapes, our diverse accommodations – including tented camps, lodges, and scenic campsites – stand as your sanctuary.

With us, every stay is transformed into an unforgettable adventure, rich with authentic African ambiance and modern comforts.

Our Story

Founded in 2008

Starting off on a mission to introduce travelers to the untouched splendors of Botswana, SKL Group of Camps was founded in 2009.

With a vision crafted out of a passion for nature and adventure, we've grown from a modest campsite operator to an illustrious name in wilderness experiences, curating journeys that resonate with the soul of Africa.

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Our Founders

Their journey, fueled by love for nature, commitment to community, and unwavering dedication to excellence, has shaped SKL into the vibrant tapestry it is today.

Why Us

Choose SKL Camps

Choosing SKL Group of Camps means stepping into a world where every detail is curated to enhance your connection with nature, luxury, and adventure.

It’s an invitation to explore Botswana's untouched beauty, indulge in the comfort of our tented camps and lodges, and embrace the simplicity of our prime campsites. Every moment is an opportunity for discovery, every scene a canvas of breathtaking vistas.

Rediscover adventure, luxury, and the pulse of the wild – with SKL Group of Camps.

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Meet the People Behind the Scenes

Our dedicated team of experts, nature enthusiasts, and hospitality mavens are the heartbeat of SKL Group of Camps.

Each member brings a unique passion and expertise to the table, ensuring that your stay with us is comfortable, memorable, and filled with personal touches that make all the difference.

Front office

Our team

SKL Group of

Camps Since 2008

Our Journey Through the Years

From our humble beginnings in 2008 to the present day, our timeline reflects a story of growth, commitment, and the continuous pursuit of excellence.

Each milestone represents a chapter of our ever-evolving narrative, marked by expansions, renovations, and the introduction of new, exhilarating camp experiences.

Plan Your Next Adventure

Dive into the heart of the wild and discover an unparalleled blend of luxuryand nature.

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