Kumaga Campsites

Immerse yourself in the pulse of the Central Kalahari Game Reserve (CKGR) at Kumaga Campsites. Witness the raw beauty and majesty of migrations within this iconic Botswana landscape.

Experience the Spectacle of Migration

Kumaga stands as a witness to nature’s marvels, hosting the breathtaking migrations of zebras and wildebeests. Perched by the Boteti River, our campsites offer a front-row seat to these epic journeys and the flamboyant passage of flamingos.

Zebra Migration in Boteti River


Your Personal Wilderness Retreat

Our 10 intimate campsites are more than just a place to stay; they are a doorway to the wonders of the CKGR. Designed for comfort and camaraderie, Kumaga invites you to be part of the migration narrative.

Journey to Kumaga

Self-Drive Adventure

Venture to us with a self-drive 4X4, embracing the rugged trails that lead to our campsites. Your adventure begins the moment you set the wheels in motion.


Seamless Comfort in the Wild

Kumaga's facilities marry modern convenience with the natural environment. Our ablution block with showers ensures a refreshing and comfortable stay, no matter how remote your adventures take you.


Contemporary Amenities amidst Nature

At Kumaga, enjoy the harmony of modern amenities within the embrace of nature. Two pristine ablution blocks stand ready to offer clean, accessible comforts, enhancing your wilderness experience.

Kumaga Campsite Gallery

A Visual Journey

Browse our gallery to witness the serene beauty and vibrant wildlife that make the Kumaga Campsites an unforgettable destination.

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