Discover Our Tented Camps

Our tented camps offer intimate rooms and exeptional game viewing at the comfort of your room. Explore the beauty surrounding the Savuti channel and the Linyanti river

Explore Our Tented Camps

Enveloped by the raw beauty of the Savuti Channel and the tranquil Linyanti River, each tented camp is a sanctuary in the heart of nature.


Facilities at Our Camps

Our campsites offer convenient amenities such as water stand pipes and braai areas for a comfortable camping experience.

Safari at Our Tented Camps

Delight in a range of safari activities designed to connect you with the soul of Africa.

Tented Safari Camp Locations

Our camps are more than just places to stay; they are destinations within themselves.

Positioned in some of the most wildlife-rich areas of Botswana, each location has been carefully chosen to offer you the best in safari experiences and luxurious comfort.

Plan Your Next Adventure

Dive into the heart of the wild and discover an unparalleled blend of luxury and nature.

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