Savuti Campsites

Take on a self-driven journey to the unparalleled beauty of Savuti, where adventure meets the untamed wild.

Exceptional Game Viewing Year Round

Savuti Campsites stand as a beacon for wildlife enthusiasts, offering unmatched game viewing opportunities. Encounter Botswana's majestic wildlife up close, with sightings available all year round in this prime destination.


Your Wilderness Base

We offer 14 meticulously arranged campsites, serving as your base for exploration in Savuti. Each site is designed to enhance your wilderness experience, blending comfort with the thrill of the wild.

Journey to Kumaga

Self-Drive Adventure

Reach us by navigating a self-driven 4X4 across the rugged terrains that lead to Savuti. The journey itself is an initiation into the adventure that awaits.


Comfort Meets Wild

At Savuti Campsites, experience the wilderness without forsaking comfort. Our campsites feature: Ablution blocks with showers, providing both warmth and refreshment. Communal braai areas are perfect for outdoor dining under the stars.


A Gateway to Adventure 

Savuti is more than a campsite; it's a launchpad for unforgettable safari experiences. From wildlife observations at your doorstep to immersive game drives, discover the essence of adventure in the heart of Chobe National Park.

Savuti Campsite Gallery

Capture the Essence

Explore the beauty of Savuti and its diverse wildlife through our gallery. Each image is a testament to the unforgettable experiences that await in this wildlife haven.

Plan Your Next Adventure

Dive into the heart of the wild and discover an unparalleled blend of luxury

and nature.

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