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Experience the allure of the wilderness with our campsites in Khwai, Kumaga, Savuti and Linyanti.

Explore Our Campsites

Discover our stunning camp areas and their unique features.


Amenities at Our Campsites

Our campsites are equipped with essential amenities designed to enhance your stay without compromising the authentic camping experience.

From well-appointed bathroom facilities to communal areas perfect for sharing stories under the stars, convenience is at the heart of our wilderness retreats.

A self drive adventure to one of our campsites

Self Driving to Our Campsites

For the intrepid explorer, the journey to our campsites is as thrilling as the stay.

Navigate the raw tracks of Botswana with our self-driving options, bringing you face-to-face with the land's rugged beauty and allowing you the freedom to discover at your own pace.

Unforgettable Experience

Comfort Camping in the Wild

At SKL Campsites, comfort camping takes on a new dimension. We blend the thrill of being in the wild with the comforts of modern camping, providing you with an exclusive experience that stays with you long after you depart.

Prime Locations in Game Reserves and national parks

Hassle-Free Camping Services

Bring your own tent

Campsite Locations

Each of our campsites is a unique jewel set within Botswana's crown of natural treasures. Find your perfect escape with our detailed campsite locations, and let the adventure begin.

  • Savuti
  • Linyanti
  • Khwai
  • Kumaga
  • Maun, Crocodile Camp

Campsites FAQs

Find answers to commonly asked questions about our luxury tented accommodations and camping sites.

How many camp sites are available?

We operate over 30 campsites in 4 wildlife filled areas in Botswana, Savuti, Khwai, Kumaga, and Linyanti. Our campsites are accessible by a 4X4 self drive vehicle equipped with GPS.

Are there ablution facilities?

Yes we offer ablution facilities with Hot water at all our campsites.

What is the location of the Campsites?

We offer campsites in Savuti, Khwai, Kumaga and Linyanti.

Can I make a reservation?

Yes you can make a reservation by contacting our reservations office on

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