Rachel Lemme

Meet Rachel Lemme, a dynamic force in the tourism sector, whose career reflects her deep dedication to her professional ambitions and her family. With a rich background spanning over a decade, Rachel’s professional story is interlaced with passion, commitment, and familial love threads.

Beginning her career with a distinguished local tour operator, Rachel quickly made her mark as a marketing executive, focusing on international markets with a keen eye and innovative approach. Yet, even as her career flourished, Rachel’s heart remained anchored in her role as a devoted wife and mother to her two sons, balancing her professional aspirations with her family life.

Fuelled by an unquenchable thirst for knowledge and a spirit of adventure, Rachel expanded her expertise with a Mass Communication degree from Curtin University, Malaysia. Her educational journey didn’t stop there, she is currently pursuing an MBA, aiming to elevate SKL to new heights with her ever-expanding insight into the industry.

Rachel’s professional journey from her early days in reservations to her pivotal role as General Manager of the SKL Group of Camps is nothing less than inspiring. Under her leadership, SKL has seen significant growth, including adding new campsites and broadening its portfolio, a testament to her visionary leadership and strategic acumen.

However, at the heart of her achievements lies Rachel’s profound connection to her family. They are her steadfast support, grounding her as she navigates the complexities of her career. Rachel’s journey exemplifies the transformative power of blending professional drive with a deep commitment to loved ones.

Rachel Lemme’s story is not just about leading SKL to become a frontrunner in the tourism industry; it’s a story that celebrates the enduring values of love, dedication, and the relentless pursuit of excellence. As she forges ahead, crafting memorable experiences for travelers, Rachel’s love for her family remains the beacon that guides her path to success.